About Derby Huddle

Huddle Up!

Derby Huddle started becasue I needed somewhere to save derby things.

I'd see a video with a cool toe stop move or an offensive tactic on Facebook or Youtube, and then when I needed to watch it again I couldn't remember where it was. There was great content everywhere, from gifs on Tumblr, Youtube videos, Vimeos, Vines, blogposts and I wanted a better way to hold on to it.

I'm also a coach and I see things all the time and think "OMG my team needs to see this", or "So-and-So needs to see this immediately", so I wanted a way to send these things to my league, travel team, committees... and on Derby Huddle it's easy.

You can talk to people privately by starting a new huddle and inviting whoever you want to join, from one to ones, to travel teams and leagues.

Managing a League

You can also manage your league on Derby Huddle. To do this, start inviting your leagues members to a huddle and then change it to a league. Once a huddle is a league, you can create teams and committees that belong to your league, eachwill automatcially have their own space to talk derby.

It also means everyone can see who's in what committee or team. Handovers after your AGM are a lot easier - just add the new head of committee and they'll instantly have access to everything that's been going on - all your league's stuff is kept together.

More Goodies to Come!

Derby Huddle is continually evolving, with the same aim of making it easier to talk derby, so jump in and get huddling!

Derby shoves, Rex Tangle x